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About Dr. Fried

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Dr. Fried is an assistant professor of Chemistry at St. Peter’s University in Jersey City, teaching General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Medicinal Chemistry to undergraduates. He has been teaching his Biochemistry Literacy for Kids course at Hudson Montessori School since 2018.

Hudson Montessori School places a high value on helping our students make sense of the world around them. A key component of this exploration is exposing them to concepts traditional American schools often label as too advanced. Since 2018, our Upper Elementary (fourth, fifth, and sixth graders) have taken part in college-level Biochemistry coursework.

Our biochemistry teacher Dr. Daniel Fried, a Yale-trained scientist has developed this easy-to-comprehend series of 24 units, covering everything from introductory chemistry to radiation, DNA, genetics, and lipid chemistry over 10 years of research. He piloted and fine-tuned his classes with our students, proving that his program is effective and successful.

Biochemistry Program Details

Montessori students are uniquely suited for Dr. Fried's Biochemistry Literacy program. 

“They are used to collaborative work, think outside the box, love projects, and enjoy working across disciplines and with multiple styles,” Dr. Fried said.

When we tell our students that they are learning college-level science, they become more attentive, enthusiastic, and confident. Dr. Fried’s visual aids drastically reduce students' mental work, resulting in rapid progress through the material.

“Biochemistry is one of the first subjects we should be teaching to our kids,” Dr. Daniel Fried said. “Biomolecules not only are beautiful, chaotic, symmetrical, and exotic, but they also make up everything in the living world. Everything alive is biochemistry—we are biochemistry.”

Another benefit of learning chemistry earlier is that by the time many students reach high school or college, their youthful curiosity about science may fade as tests and loads of other school work creep in. By unlocking their brain’s potential now, the information is ingrained and not as challenging to grasp later.

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