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Code Night


Code Night is an annual Hudson Montessori School event where students participate in the global Hour of Code and present coding projects created throughout the year.


The Hour of Code started as a one-hour introduction to computer science, designed to show that anybody can learn the basics of code. Coding and computational thinking are integral parts of Hudson Montessori School’s yearlong curriculum, and our Code Night event allows students to share their progress with their peers, family, and community.


Code Night Details

Hosting Code Night is one way Hudson Montessori School celebrates Computer Science Education Week, which is held each December to celebrate the birthday of  computer science pioneer Admiral Grace Hopper. Each Computer Science Education Week follows a theme. Past themes include Computer Science for Social Justice, Computer Science for Good, and Computer Science for Everyone. 

Parents and students spend the evening moving through stations placed throughout the school and learning the basics – algorithm creation, computer structure, and software that students use to create many of the projects on display. Software like ScratchJr and Scratch are often used to program stories or interactive games. Past attendees have also used other hands-on tools like Bloxels, Ozobots, and Dot and Dash to code activities in real time.


We know our students flourish when given the tools to create and invent. By integrating coding and computational thinking skills into our regular curriculum, Hudson Montessori School provides even more avenues for your child to explore, create, and grow. 

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