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30 Days of Thanks Initiative

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Hudson Montessori has plenty to be thankful for as we enter the Thanksgiving season. First and foremost, we are thankful for our healthy staff, students and community. This month we asked our students to reflect on something specific: “What are you most thankful for at school?"

We welcomed responses from all of our students—ages 2 to sixth grade. Here are a handful of the responses the school received during the first week of November:

“For everyone being most respectful and kind at school.” — Gloria K. (Age 4.5)

“I am thankful that I get to meet my school friends every day for five days in a row every week.” — Vihaan R. (Age 7)

“I am thankful for the wonderful rhymes I get to learn every day from my teachers.” — Naitri S. (Age 2.5)

“My teachers.” — Connor O. (Age 6)

“I am thankful that I have a lot of school friends to meet in person at school.” — Vihaan R. (Age 7)

“I am thankful with my friends and family. I am thankful for my school so I can learn. I am thankful for having very nice teachers.” — Scarlet G. (Age 7)

“I am thankful for my teachers because they teach in a nice way. They teach in a calm and peaceful way which I like very much. They are also very kind and caring. That is why I am thankful for them.” — Avi M. (Age 8)

“For my teachers to be there for us during this time.” — Vidit J. (Age 8)

“I’m thankful for my friends and my teacher.” — Mia L. (Age 8)

“For everything in my life: my home, food, Mama, Daddy, Zaydan and my whole family!” — Zain H. A. (Age 5.5)

“I am thankful for my teachers who help me learn new things everyday and for my friends who make school fun!” — Vidyuth M. (Age 6)

“I am most thankful for my friends and my teachers who make me happy.” — Sana A. (Age 5)

“I am thankful for my new friends and teachers.” — Maxwell K. (Age 4)

“I am most thankful for Mommy, Daddy and my doll house.” — Ava C. (Age 5)

“I am thankful to my teachers for helping me learn and do new things. I love my teachers for making every day fun.” — Kiaan H. (Age 5)

“I am most thankful for being able to attend school every day, meet my friends, learn new things from my awesome teachers and for the love and kindness I receive from everyone.” — Ayan A. (Age 5)

“I am most thankful for loving me so much and teaching me about fall color leaves and the galaxy!” — Viaan S. (Age 4)

“I am thankful for my older brother Ayan, my friends, and my teachers, Ms. Samira, Ms. Alex and Ms. Katrina, who teach me something new everyday.” — Avir A. (Age 3.5)

“I am thankful for being able to sing and listen to music with my teachers and classmates.”

— Asher B. (Age 2.5)

"I am most thankful for my teachers, Ms. Susan and Ms. Adinah." — Mila M. (Age 6)

"I am thankful that I get to play with my friends at school and work on arts and crafts projects." — Mira S. (Age 3)

"Outdoor recess!" — Adelyn F. D. (Age 6.5)

"I’m thankful that the teachers sanitize our work because of COVID, and they teach me lots of new things everyday!" — Nicholas P. (Age 7)

"I am most thankful for my family who make me happy, my teachers who teach me new things, and my classmates because they are so much fun!" — Ria K. (Age 5)

"I am thankful for my teachers and coming to school everyday in person and seeing my friends." — Zain A. (Age 6)

"I am thankful to see my friends and teachers everyday at school. I love going to school!" —Gloria K. (Age 5)

"I am thankful for my friends so that they can help me, keep me company, and so I can play with them at recess." — Maddox B. (Age 8)

"I love my teachers. I Iove to do the calendar. And, I love my friends." — Phoenix B. (Age 3)

"At school I am grateful for my friends and my teachers. Also that I can learn a lot with my friends." — Alice D. M. P. (Age 7)

"I’m thankful for coloring and doing art with friends and studying together!" — Anika V. (Age 6)

“I am most thankful for my friends, teachers, art, music, science class and PE.” — Azariya G. (Age 8)

“All my friends, and teachers, and everything in the world, and planets.” — Maddox G. (Age 5)

“I am thankful for my teachers helping me with my work and taking us outside to draw with chalk. I am also thankful for everyone staying healthy.” — Sonali V. (Age 5)

“I’m thankful for my family, Valeria, and the community helpers like police, doctors, and firemen. And Aarian, Nicholas, and Bella.” —Ethan H. (Age 5)

“I'm thankful for my teachers, classroom, friends, and exciting work.” — Leon (Age 4)

“I am most thankful to see my teachers and friends, and going outside.” — Nina S. (Age 5)

“I am most thankful for my teachers and friends. They help me out if I am stuck. I am proud of the work I do in school.” — Noor H. (Age 5)

“I am thankful for my toys. I am most thankful for the Earth because it gives us water and food. I am thankful for my food because it is so yummy. I am thankful for the trees because we get paper from them. I am also thankful for the soil because I like trees all around me. I am also thankful for my teachers because I like learning a lot.” — Evaanya Y. (Age 6)

“I am most thankful for my family, because they help me during hard times and motivate me to push forward. They are so kind and very helpful. I cannot break a bond with them because we're like iron and steel, so we can not be broken. Overall, I couldn't ask for a better family.” — Arnav P. (Age 10)

“I am thankful for planet Earth and the life it holds. I love Earth because I live on it and it teaches me about weather, colors, patterns, shapes, art, and history. It provides us food, water and oxygen. We all should be thankful and protect our planet Earth as it helps us to make our life beautiful.” — Kushi P. (Age 8)

“I am grateful for my friends, my teachers, the materials I get to use at school like the short bead frame, clock for time follow-up, and the new things I learn every day.” — Mishika P. (Age 6)

“I am thankful for the school because it is a place I can learn and have social interaction more than anywhere else right now. Afternoon walks to do parameters is the thing I most enjoy, especially when I also eat lunch or catch crabs.” — Mira S. (Age 9)

The 30 Days of Thanks initiative spans the entire month of November to spread joy and gratitude for our educational endeavors this season.

To get inspired, return to our pages to see more each week.

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