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30 Days of Thanks Initiative 2021

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

Hudson Montessori has so much to be thankful for as we enter this year's Thanksgiving season. We are most thankful for our dedicated staff, wonderful students, and supportive community. This month we asked our students to reflect on something related to our yearlong learning study of the Power of Nature: “What are you most thankful for in nature?"

Click here to watch a selection of videos from our students about what they are thankful for.

"I am most thankful for cheetahs. They are the fastest land animal. I saw one at the zoo."

– Phoenix B. (Age 4)

"I am thankful for the yummy tomatoes that I get from the wonderful trees all year long!"

– Naitri S. (Age 3)

"I’m thankful for all the trees that give us oxygen!"

– Sanjana G. (Age 6)

"I am thankful for Ms. Maya."

– Vedh M. (Age 2)

"I'm thankful for the choo choo train that drops me to school every morning."

– Tara S. (Age 2)

"I am thankful for water for many reasons - it keeps us and the earth clean. It keeps me fresh, hydrated and active."

– Vidyuth M. (Age 7)

"I am thankful for air, water, and all the plants and animals on the earth."

– Samarth K. (Age 6)

"I’m thankful for tree because it provides the shade from the sun and gives us food."

– Aarit S. (Age 6)

"Autumn leaves that fall and make big piles that I can play in."

– Aadi V. (Age 5)

"I'm thankful for leaves because they're pretty. I like to jump in them and they help my favorite bug, the caterpillar!"

– Olive T. (Age 3)

" I am most thankful for elephants because they are strong and kind."

– Rebecca (Age 5)

"I’m thankful for the sun and rain so I can see a rainbow!"

– Anya H. (Age 3)

"I am thankful for water. Water is good for you. It makes you strong when you swim, and it’s so much fun. I like to play with water. I love water."

– Oliver C. (Age 3)

"Mommy lion! Lion baby! Rooooarrrr!"

– Nes Noa K. (Age 2)

"I am most thankful for plants and animals because they give us lots of food."

– Samaira B. (Age 6)

"I’m thankful for the flowers because of their pollen which helps the bees."

– Aaira (Age 6)

"I’m thankful for the trees and plants that make oxygen."

– Leonard B. (Age 6)

"I’m thankful for wheat. I’m saying this because I love bread and I wouldn’t be in existence writing this without it."

– Michael B. (Age 9)

"I’m thankful for flowers because they are beautiful, and they are the beginning of spring, my favorite season."

– Sasha B. (Age 11)

"I am most thankful to the beautiful colors, greenery, rivers, and mountains. Recently I took a trip to see the beautiful fall colors in upstate New York and loved my hikes in the woods, being so close to the nature. I am also thankful for everything it provides and the joy it brings."

– Neil G. (Age 3)

"I am most thankful for Earth, because Earth gives us land to make our homes and live in. It gives us food and water, trees, animals, and butterflies."

– Raiha A. (Age 5)

"The nature has taught me to care, nurture & co-exist. I am most thankful to nature for our trees, water, and land because trees give us oxygen. Without land, nothing can stand and water which is the essence of life."

– Ayan A. (Age 6)

"I am thankful to the wind because it blows through my hair when I ride my scooter and helps me go fast!"

Samar J. (Age 3)

"I’m thankful for leaves and to see them in all shapes and sizes and to watch them change from green to vibrant colors during fall season."

Niam Z. (Age 3)

"I am thankful for the tress, blooming flowers, and birds chirping."

– Ananya J. (Age 5)

"I am thankful for rainbows because they are so pretty and colorful!"

– Myra T. (Age 5)

"I am the most thankful for trees. Trees give us oxygen and without them, we would not be able to breathe."

– Anish D. (Age 11)

"All the pretty colorful flowers!"

– Navya P. (Age 2)

"Having strawberries to eat! Because strawberry is the best!"

– Alice Z. (Age 3)

"I am thankful for palm trees because they are beautiful and help us breathe."

– Alice D. (Age 8)

"I am thankful for sticks that I can pick up in nature walks and flowers that are so colorful."

– Miraya R. (Age 3)

"Rain because I love rain drops on my head."

– Yuvi B. (Age 3)

"Trees, plants, and flowers because they’re beautiful and help color our world."

– Emersyn D. (Age 5)

"I am most thankful for the fresh clear air we breathe, and the trees that give us my favorite fruit – apples and oranges."

– Noor B. (Age 6)

"I am thankful for the flowers because they give pollen to the bees."

– Aaira M. (Age 6)

"I am most thankful for water because we can drink it."

– Anoushka A. (Age 3)

"The food chain."

– Connor O. (Age 7)

"Puppies and kittens, because I like them."

– Eden P. (Age 2)

"I’m thankful for the sun because it provides heat on cold days."

– Veera S. (Age 3)

"I am thankful for this beautiful colors of nature which are so captivating."

– Shreshta K.

"I am thankful because nature gives food, water and more. Also because it gives wood to make homes."

–Nina S. (Age 6)

"I am thankful for water because without it the earth would be dry and hot and I wouldn’t be writing this. I am also thankful for air because if it weren’t there no plant or animal would survive (including human beings)."

– Evaanya Y. (Age 7)

"I am most thankful for the trees and plants around us. They give us fresh air to breathe and tons of fruits, including my favorite apples and oranges."

– Noor B. (Age 6)

"I’m thankful for snow and enjoy catching snowflakes on my tongue. I love making snow angels and snowmen."

– Mia U. (Age 4)

"I am thankful to the sun for always shining bright. It keeps me warm in winters."

– Ayaan J. (Age 4)

"I am grateful for air, trees, water, earth, bees, rolling in the grass, and traveling around the world."

– Rishima S. (Age 7)

"I am thankful for sticks that I pick up on nature walks and the beautiful colors on flowers!"

– Miraya R. (Age 3)

"Rain because it makes muddy puddles and I love to jump in them!"

– Ojas R. (Age 3)


– Leon

"The flowers and leaves that I get to pick up everyday."

– Luna


– Ayaan

"For the beach."

– Mihith

"The snow I get to snowboard in."

– Felix


– Aisha

"Caves (where bears live)."

– Naitri


– Yuvaan

"The food I get to eat."

– Zaiden

"Flowers and leaves."

– Aadhya

"The beach!"

– Asher

"Sunny days."

– Ms. Samantha


– Ms. Caridad

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