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Hudson Montessori School’s Dance-A-Thon Playground Fundraiser and Spirit Week Begins

Hudson Montessori School is excited to announce that the pledge site is now open for our 2022 Dance-A-Thon fundraiser, now through Friday, April 8, 2022. Any funds raised will go toward several projects that will provide our children with activities and materials that enrich their school experience.

To donate, please visit the Dance-A-Thon Fundraiser 2022 page. From there, you can sponsor a student and make a pledge.

We are also holding a Spirit Week to help keep this fundraiser engaging and exciting for our students. On Monday, April 4, students dressed up for Power of Nature Day. Children at every age level wore fun outfits and costumes pertaining to nature. Each classroom has been studying weather patterns, the water cycle, how our food grows, and so much more through our school’s yearlong, theme based study of the Power of Nature.

Fundraising is always a personal choice. Regardless, if a child gets pledges or not, all of our children are looking forward to tons of fun with their friends for schoolwide spirit week next. Based on last year's dance-a-thon, we know they will have a blast dancing their hearts out. The week features fun, community building, and school spirit!

Our school is grateful for the continued support and generosity of our teachers, students, families, community, and school leadership team. Thank you for your willingness to help our school fundraise to refurbish our Regent Street playground!

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