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Middle School Students Attend 2023 Yale Innovation Summit

Two of our Middle Schoolers recently attended the 2023 Yale Innovation Summit alongside leading scientists, engineers, former high-level government officials, and more. Atharva Agaskar and Avi Mehandru earned first and second place at this year's Hudson County's STEM Showcase and are current Thermo Fisher Nominees for bioengineering for their research on soil degradation and biofuel for green energy.

A Hudson Montessori parent saw Atharva and Avi’s research on display at the school’s Social Studies Fair in May, and invited the students to attend the recent Yale Summit. This conference spanned an overnight and was an incredible opportunity for our students to see firsthand the current innovations and solutions discussed by leaders in this field. Students toured the Yale campus after attending workshops on climate, biotechnology, arts, and health.

In 2019, Hudson Montessori School became the first STEM-certified elementary school in New Jersey by the National Institute for STEM Education. To achieve this accreditation, the school met rigorous criteria that demonstrated Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics were deeply ingrained in the school's curriculum. Hudson Montessori’s teachers are duly certified by the national institute as STEM teachers and cultivate a curriculum full of experiential STEAM learning beyond the classroom.

By prioritizing this transdisciplinary approach, students engage in activities where they become "makers." They can see and feel the connections they make in the community, such as at summit trip and on a global stage. Hudson Montessori School is proud to support these opportunities for our students as we prepare them to be innovators and critical thinkers of the next generation.

Thank you to HMS parent Dr. Pooja Majmudar for extending an invitation to our students, and STEAM Team teachers Dr. Grace Sanvictores, Director, Middle School, and Michelle Velho, Director, STEAM and Upper Elementary teacher, for chaperoning. The trip was also made possible through our school's administration who sponsored our budding scientists’ attendance at this conference.

Hudson Montessori School uses an interdisciplinary, theme-based learning approach to education, fostering the love for learning by using the Montessori philosophy and remembering to have fun in the process! Our school serves children aged 2 to eighth grade. Contact us to learn more about us and our admissions process.

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