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Summer Camp Session 2 Fun Continues!

Toddler, preschoolers, kindergarteners, and elementary campers kicked off session 2 of summer camp with new themes, engaging special activities, and all kinds of outdoor play! Our Bridge-Primary camp is studying different types of transportation throughout the world. They explored all types of transportation like cars, buses, and airplanes! They played with toy cars, looked at diagrams, and colored their own vehicles.

The Primary campers explored the arid regions of the earth through their study of the biomes that make up our planet. Students used construction paper to transform their classroom into a desert complete with cacti, animals, and their own hot sun.

After studying some important basics of games and strategy, each Elementary camper started their week-long board game project. They also participated in a Dash Robot competition. Students delved deeper into specials including woodworking, coding, music composition, and chess. Their skills grow each day through activities like miniature pizza making during our Healthy Cooking Special and trips to mind-expanding places like the Liberty Science Center!

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