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Upper Elementary Students Serve JC Community With Beach Clean-Up

Our Upper Elementary students held a beach clean up day and picked up over 1,000 pieces of trash at the Morris Canal Basin! The students sorted and submitted data they collected about items found to the Clean Ocean Action organization.

The Clean Ocean Action organization uses research, education, and citizen action to unite and empower people to protect the ocean. Our students serve the Jersey City community by regularly volunteering with several conservation organizations like Clean Ocean Action and the Billion Oyster Project.

The Upper Elementary program offers a unique opportunity for students to excel academically, while at the same time, learn to be proficient problem solvers, accomplished presenters and work in a collaborative environment with others with varying degrees of skill. Our Upper Elementary students have a role of leadership in our school’s STEAM program and take part in additional activities such as the MMUN and local ecosystem conservation initiatives. Click here to learn more about what our Upper Elementary program has to offer students in 4th through 6th grade.

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