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Toddler (2s)

age 2 years

The Toddler Program is designed to stimulate the senses of our young children and for them to feel and learn from the many Montessori materials laid out in an orderly, sequential fashion.


Bridge Primary 

age 2.5-3 years

The Bridge Primary program is designed for transitional 3s to prepare them for the order and structure of the Primary program. 



age 3-5 years

The Primary Program is a multi-age classroom setting, with students ages from 3 to 5 years old. The classroom is a creative, innovative and constructive environment designed to create a love of learning.



age 5 years

The Kindergarten program is an extension of our Primary Program and where we start complement traditional Montessori education with modern research-based curriculum.


Lower Elementary

age 6-9 years

The Elementary program adheres to the core principals of the Montessori philosophy: individualized learning, hands-on Montessori materials and blocks of uninterrupted work time. 


Upper Elementary

age 9-11 years

Our Upper Elementary Program helps students to develop social and leadership skills. The curriculum aligns with state standards and integrates Montessori philosophy and experiential learning .

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Middle School

Grades 6-8

Our Middle School program incorporates data science, literacy, research and development, and more! Hands-on projects, field trips, and community outreach broaden their perspectives and worldview.

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