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Middle School
6th-8th Grade

Hudson Montessori School’s Middle School is offering young adolescent students an opportunity to continue their academic courses while engaging in new opportunities to use those skills in meaningful real-life ways. Collaboration, problem-solving, and discovering innovative ways to develop ideas and help others is part of the way we engage students and empower them in their own learning. 

Students in this program also take part in additional programs such as the MMUN (Montessori Model UN), which is an amazing opportunity for our children to have exposure to real-life problem-solving. This model educates the whole child, infuses respect and civility, helps students formulate thoughts, and develops critical thinking skills.  Students learn how to work together – practicing research, writing, debating and negotiating.  For four days they attend the MMUN at the United Nations in Manhattan with thousands of Montessori students from all over the world that will prepare them to learn every aspect of the UN Activity.

Our Middle School Program

Our Middle School guidance team helps students navigate the high school admissions process, leading them on the path for success.

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Classroom Environment

Our Middle School program pinpoints what makes Hudson Montessori School a trailblazer in STEAM education. 


Our Middle School Core Values:


  • Innovation

  • Exploration

  • Experience

  • Knowledge


The Middle School curriculum fully incorporates data science, literacy, research and development, music, art, and more! Hands-on projects, field trips, and community outreach broaden their perspectives and experiences of the bigger world around them.

Academically, our teachers raise the bar of expectation. Students are regularly assessed through tests, rubrics, critiques, and more as they prepare to enter high school. Students work both individually and collaboratively to achieve common goals. They become better time and self-managers and are actively engaged in a wide range of curricular topics.

Why Join Us?

  • Your child will build an academic portfolio meeting rigorous high school standards based on our high-quality curriculum.

  • We use an interdisciplinary approach to learning at the first nationally STEM-certified campus in New Jersey.

  • The Innovation Project incorporates student collaboration, applying local and global perspectives for solving real-life problems.

  • Our core/STEAM curriculum includes data literacy and science, research and
    development, music, art, and more!

What Parents Say

"The school leadership truly cares about their staff's wellness, the children's happiness, and creates a strong parent team, which all make a great difference."

"I have great faith in the school based on the school's ability to select wonderful
teachers and create a loving community for all of us to feel connected like a family."

"I have no doubt that my child's education is top-notch. This school is the best investment my husband and I ever made."

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