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Upper Elementary

(4th – 6th Grades)

Upon entering Upper Elementary, students are crossing the bridge from enormous skill development in learning how to read, write, solve and understand mathematical problems to use their skills. Now students are reading to learn, applying core mathematical concepts and computational problem solving for higher level problems and concept as they move toward algebra. 

Students in this program also take part in additional programs such as the MMUN (Montessori Model UN), which is an amazing opportunity for our children to have exposure to real-life problem-solving. This model educates the whole child, infuses respect and civility, helps students formulate thoughts, and develops critical thinking skills.  Students learn how to work together – practicing research, writing, debating and negotiating.  For four days they attend the MMUN at the United Nations in Manhattan with thousands of Montessori students from all over the world that will prepare them to learn every aspect of the UN Activity.



Classroom Environment

Upper Elementary also provides an opportunity for our oldest students to lead the entire elementary school in activities and presentations that are offered throughout the year. They host the Monday Assembly, help in the setup and attend the Hour of Code Nights as well as our school’s Maker Faire and other events. They also go off on a three-day camping trip in Pennsylvania where they gain leadership and survival training. These, along with monthly field trips and community outreach, broaden their perspectives and experiences of the bigger world around them.

Academically, the Upper Elementary teachers raise the bar of expectation. These students are regularly assessed through tests, rubrics, critiques and more as they begin to learn how to work to the highest levels. A Vocabulary series and novel studies are incorporated into the language curriculum as well as project-based units and studies. Students work both individually and collaboratively to achieve a goal. They are better time and self-managers and are actively engaged in a wide range of curricular topics.

There are also a number of regional and national competitions like the National Geographic Geography Bee, The National Spelling Bee, and Math League for Computer Science the students can opt to participate in. Standardized testing also takes place in the spring.

The Upper Elementary program offers a unique opportunity for students to excel academically while at the same time learn to be proficient problem solvers, accomplished presenters and able to work in a collaborative environment with others with varying degrees of skill. These are all 21st Century ideals that coalesce into well-rounded students.

What your child will learn

  • Advanced Skill Development

  • Work to the highest level

  • Project Based Studies

  • Self/Time Management

Activities Involved

  • Montessori Model UN

  • 3 day camping trip

  • Regional & National Activities

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