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Parent Involvement

Parent involvement at Hudson Montessori School is one of the things that sets our school apart from some of the others. Parents and the school view parental involvement as one of the keys to a successful year for our children. We have found that when we build a strong community, our families are happier, our students are more confident in their scholastics, and, together, we feel supported.


Volunteerism and community service are an integral part of Maria Montessori’s methodology. This important work does not change during a health crisis, in fact, it adapts to the unique needs of the circumstances.

Classroom Environment

Our parent group, the Hudson Montessori Volunteers (HMV), is uniquely designed to accommodate all levels of participation by our parents in the school’s activities. Our children observe their parents getting involved in our school and being part of a team. When students see their parents take an active role at school, they learn how important their schooling is to the family while learning about the importance of volunteerism.


Focus During the Pandemic: Parents Helping Parents

Unlike in previous years where our involvement would take the form of volunteering for school events, chaperoning, or other activities, this year, our volunteerism continues to support our children’s activities, but additionally, we will be helping each other as a cohesive family, the Hudson Montessori community.


While school administrators maintain their focus on the health and welfare of our children and teachers, we reorganized the HMV this year to serve as a team of parents supporting other parents.  

We are putting Maria Montessori’s word into action, “We shall walk together on this path of life, for all things are part of the universe and are connected with each other to form one whole unity.”

Our customary annual events, such as the Pancake Breakfast, Art Show, and Social Studies Fair are on indefinite hiatus, accordingly, we will adjust our focus to “parents helping parents.” We will actively work to foster our parent network and support each other through the pandemic. We will also help support school activities for teacher appreciation activities, our donation drives, the yearbook, and more.


For more information about roles and responsibilities or anything HMV-related, contact Cynthia Bacon at

Each year, we look forward to working with our parents and supporting you in the new school year!


  • Cynthia Bacon

  • Krupa Chhatbar




  • Alice Kowalski


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HMV Roles

We take pride in Hudson Montessori School's very active and dedicated parent community. The HMV has several roles and volunteer opportunities for many skill levels. 

  • Core (yearlong) Roles: Communications Lead, Treasurer, and Teacher Appreciation Coordinator.

  • Coordinator (periodic) Roles: Yearbook Coordinators, Holiday Donation Drive, and Book Fair coordinator.

  • Passive Participation: Keep informed by subscribing to the HMV email list, an optional, usually monthly, informational letter that keeps parents apprised of our HMV activities, meetings, and ongoing parent discussions. When appropriate or available, participate in discussions, events, or activities.

HMV Meetings

We will hold regular monthly meetings virtually on Zoom. We will hold these meetings in conjunction with the school administration. Hudson Montessori School parents are always welcome to attend a meeting to get a feel for the group, gauge whether they want to join the core team, or get more involved.

HMV Activities

The HMV hosts teacher appreciation events and coordinates gifts for the teachers during the holidays, Teacher Appreciation Day, and the end of the school year. We will work with local community organizations throughout the year to develop donation drives for people in need. We will support the school in academic endeavors, such as the book fair or other events or activities that we can safely organize for our school community. Our parent group helps the school produce its annual yearbook, which is distributed to every enrolled student and our teachers.

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