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Lower Elementary

(1st – 3rd Grades)

The Lower Elementary program consists of 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade children together in a class. This configuration, in keeping with Montessori principles and methodology, creates an ideal setting for learning and mastering skills at an individual rate. The Lower Elementary focusses on skill development, picking up from the exposures and lessons children have learned in their Kindergarten year and developing their skills in math, language and in the sciences. Additionally, students receive more specials classes including PE, Music, Art, Science, Technology, Chorus and Jazz Band (at 3rd grade).



Classroom Environment

In Language, students continue working through the Montessori language curriculum and materials, which stress parts of speech, grammar, syntax and sentence structure. Also incorporated into the language curriculum is CKLA (Core Knowledge Language Arts) which also focuses on comprehension, literacy, and appreciation of literature. Through the study of “Domains” students also gain historical and literary perspective to what they read.

In Math, students have the opportunity to use the amazing Montessori materials as they gain greater skills in the four operations and expand their conceptual knowledge and computational abilities. Singapore Math is also incorporated into their math program as a way for students to move from the concrete to the abstract using model drawings.

The addition of both CKLA and Singapore Math provides a thorough grounding of concepts and skills at this level.

As mentioned, Social Studies units and activities are drawn from language arts and from the Montessori curriculum that begins with the study of the Universe and works through the scientific and historical perspectives to create an entire curriculum. In Montessori, the Cultural area encompasses all of the natural and social sciences in addition to geography and history. As students study an area of the world, a culture, or a timeline, they learn about all of the things, places, people, political boundaries and more related to their study. The Great Lessons are the foundation of these studies.

What your child will learn

  • Skill Development

  • Language Curriculum

  • Grammar

  • Conceptual Know

Activities Involved

  • PE

  • Music

  • Art

  • Spanish

  • Science

  • Technology

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