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Traditional American schools place such a strong emphasis on math and reading that too often the sciences, the arts, and humanities trail behind. At Hudson Montessori School, math and reading are critical learning components, but our school STEAM-powers those fundamental courses—infusing our curriculum with science, technology, engineering, the arts, and math. 


Take a look at the elements that we incorporate, which led to our accreditation by the National Institute for STEM Education in 2019. We were the first STEM-accredited elementary school in New Jersey!


A Day in the Life of the Hudson River 

The Day of the Life of the Hudson River Project is a longitudinal study that provides students with an outdoor classroom experience,

complete with hands-on exploration and data collection while studying the Hudson River Estuary.


Maker Faire

The Hudson Montessori School Maker Faire is an annual event that showcases the school’s STEAM program. Students are challenged to create and present projects focused on art, robotics and coding, science, and engineering.


Code Night

Code Night is an annual exhibition where students showcase projects that connect their coding knowledge with other areas of learning like art, science, language, and math. Attendees also participate in the global Hour of Code, a one hour introduction to coding and computer science.

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Upper Elementary students participate in the Biochemistry Literacy for Kids program created by Yale-trained scientist Dr. Daniel Fried. This advanced program sets students up for success by ingraining core science concepts, starting as early as fourth grade.

Program Details

Since its inception, the mission of our school has been to to create independent thinkers who apply their knowledge to real-life settings and grow into responsible, compassionate citizens of the world. Applying this interdisciplinary approach, we are able to make numerous connections between science, engineering, math, technology, and art.

This approach is a natural extension of the Montessori Cosmic Curriculum which provides both inspiration and instruction. Children then engage in hands-on inquiry-based activities which allow them to build on the concepts and skills they have learned.

Students go from unplugged to being able to code and develop ideas and projects that are creative and filled with ingenuity and clever design. We are proud to say that the work our students are participating in at an elementary level is often not presented until middle or upper grades.

Code Night and Engineering Evening are much anticipated events at Hudson Montessori.

For a glimpse into our first School Maker Faire check out our news coverage in the Jersey Journal  and ChicpeaJC.

For more information about our STEAM Program, email

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