Special Classes


Music and Chorus

Primary children will learn the basic principles of Notes, Rhythm, Ear Training and Singing. They will be introduced to a wide variety of musical instruments through the year, with live weekly in-class demonstrations. Movement is included through creating rhythms with our bodies, as well as free-form dancing. In Elementary , Ms. Tina, our music teacher, has assembled and conducted our Hudson Montessori Children’s Choir. The choir will continue our outreach to Jersey City, New York City and other neighboring communities through music and songs. Instrumental Experience – Elementary This program engages young minds in the harmonious realm of the musical arts. Students will freely choose to play a wide variety of instruments, ranging from the piano, guitar, drums, ukulele, violin, and even the triangle! Individual or small group lessons will be given weekly for intensive learning. Ultimately, our goal is to have students express their musical talents seeking their highest potential and, most importantly, to produce the brightest and most creative minds of the future.


The STEAM approach at Hudson Montessori School integrates learning across various disciplines; making connections between the sciences, engineering, math, technology and art. Children are encouraged to engage in hands-on, inquiry based activities that allow them to build on the concepts and skills they learn. To enhance our Engineering Curriculum, we work with engineers in the community mentor our students. Apart from learning how to utilize technology and its applications, students learn and follow internet security, parts of the computer, its history and how it has revolutionized our world. Students will develop computational thinking practices such as creativity, collaboration, communication, persistence and problem solving.

Computer Science, Robotics, and Technology Education

Students undertake web based research, 3D printing, programming and robotics and computer science. Our 3rd to 5th graders train for the computer science section of the Continental Math League. Apart from learning how to use technology and its applications, students learn about internet security, parts of the computer, the history and how it has revolutionized the world today. Children will also be introduced to coding and will have an opportunity to showcase their work during Computer Science Week.


The mission of the library program is to encourage students to become lifelong learners who are excited to read and research. Kindergarten and Elementary students enjoy weekly visits to the school library for stories, educational and entertaining library programming and book exchange. Students will be introduced to a diverse selection of age-appropriate fiction and non-fiction, and engage in meaningful and fun follow-up activities in language arts and across the curriculum, such as storytelling, creative drama and reader’s theater. The librarian connects students with resources they need for class projects and books they can’t put down in their free time.


In Spanish children will learn greetings, counting numbers, shapes, colors and other everyday words in Spanish. Children will be introduced to Spanish vocabulary Literature, and Music and Movement. They will learn to communicate in simple spoken Spanish. Every class will offer a mix of familiar routines and new songs, words and phrases as means to build Spanish. This program is designed to meet the creative needs of children from both Spanish-speaking and non-Spanish-speaking backgrounds while they learn the language. Games, songs, multimedia, and arts & crafts will be used to encourage children to develop their communication skills. This multicultural course will include materials from Spain and Latin America.

Physical Education and Tennis

Children will begin each class with warm ups and stretching. After stretching, classes will include activities that will focus on foot-eye coordination, passing and balance. The classes will also introduce the concepts of teamwork and cooperation, ideas of sportsmanship and team play.

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