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High School Admissions:
Getting On The Road to Success

Our Middle School team is dedicated to working with our students as they pursue academic goals and high school admission. Students begin working on academic portfolios, which are digital reflections of academic and extracurricular successes, beginning in sixth grade. Seventh and eighth graders have portfolio workshops often, as these are used as the foundation for many high school applications.  We provide designated work time during the school day to eighth grade students to discuss the high school application process with our guidance counselor.

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Our Program

Our team offers a wide range of services, some of which include high school transition, professionalism expectations, and time management sessions which incorporate planning for upcoming open houses and deadlines. We provide essay writing support for applications and standardized test preparation tips. The high school application process is a journey that we are excited to be a part of so that our students reach each of their future goals while sharpening executive functioning skills along the way to aid in their success.


Students at Hudson Montessori School have been accepted to the following high schools:

  • McNair Academic High School

  • High Tech High School

  • St. Peter's Prep

  • Franklin School

  • Infinity Institute

  • St. Dominic Academy

  • Hudson Catholic Regional High School

  • Avenues of the World

  • Leman Manhattan Preparatory


Questions? Feel free to reach out to Ms. Nicole at

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