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2021 Maker Faire: Important Dates

Lower and Upper Elementary students at Hudson Montessori School continue to showcase their projects in this year’s Maker Faire! February at Hudson Montessori School is Maker Month!

Live presentations are taking place during the school’s weekly Maker Monday assemblies and at the two upcoming Maker Nights on February 12 and February 26 from 6 to 7 p.m.

The Hudson Montessori School Maker Faire is an annual event that showcases the school’s STEAM program. Students are challenged to create and present projects focused on art, robotics and coding, science, and engineering.

Hudson Montessori School is proud to offer the only School Maker Faire in all of New Jersey. This event is typically a one-day, public event. In light of the pandemic this year, it is replaced with several student-only virtual events spanning the entire month.

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