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30 Days of Thanks Initiative 2022

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

Hudson Montessori has so much to be thankful for as we enter this year's Thanksgiving season. We are most thankful for our dedicated staff, wonderful students, and supportive community. This month we asked our students to reflect on something related to our yearlong learning study of Trade and Trade Routes: What "goods" or "services" are you most thankful for?

"I am thankful for my iPad because it has Minecraft, which I love to play."

Maddox B. (Age 10)

" I am thankful for firefighters because they fight the fire."

– Phoenix B. (Age 5)

"I am most thankful for the service of doctors and nurses who do so much for keeping our community safe and healthy. I am also thankful for the healthy food that I eat everyday."

– Noor B. (Age 7)

"I am most thankful for the firefighters who help my community be safe from all fires. They are so strong and brave."

– Kabir B. (Age 4)

"I am thankful for my teachers that help me learn and grow my brain."

– Ryma R. (Age 8)

"I am thankful for the farmers that grow food so we have yummy things to eat!"

– Olive T. (Age 4)

"I am thankful for the train and train drivers who bring me to school every morning."

Tara S. (Age 3)

"I am thankful for the green grasses and leaves. I love seeing how they change colors during fall!"

Naitri S. (Age 4)

"I'm thankful for my bear and for doctors because they like who they help."

Olivia R. (Age 3)

"I am thankful for the basketball court so many kids like me can play in the court and spread joy."

Viaan S. (Age 6)

"I’m thankful for the police officers and their police dogs. They keep us safe."

Gabriel E. (Age 3)

"I’m grateful for pizza because it makes my belly happy."

Aadi V. (Age 6)

"I am thankful to police officers who keep us safe."

Azaan A. (Age 3)

"I’m thankful for my parents, teachers, nanny, doctors and everyone else who looks after me."

Avir A. (Age 5)

"I am thankful for the policemen and policewomen who keep us safe everyday."

Miraya R. (Age 4)

"I am thankful to the flowers because they are so pretty!"

Alice Z. (Age 4)

"I am most thankful for my teachers because they let me learn with my friends and let us do art!"

Sonia S. (Age 6)

"I'm thankful for the public parks. I love the play areas, especially going down the giant slides and pushing my baby brother on the swing."

Sia M. (Age 4)

"I am thankful for the trade routes for cocoa beans so we can have delicious chocolate."

Derin T. (Age 8)

"I am thankful for the moveable alphabet!”

Zaydan A. (Age 3)

"I am grateful for medical services."

Zain A. (Age 8)

"I am thankful for the people who make pizza and deliver the pizza."

Theresa K. (Age 5)

"I am thankful for my family, friends and everyone who keeps the community safe."

Adhya S. (Age 6)

"I’m thankful for my family, my teachers and my toys!"

Isabella S. (Age 2)

"I am thankful for my friends and family who I love a lot. I am also thankful for the play areas where I play with my friends and have a fun time."

Reyaan N. (Age 3)

"I am thankful for HMS because I get good education and I think that all the teachers are super nice."

Rishima S. (Age 8)

"I am thankful for policemen because they catch the bad guys."

Ayaan J. (Age 5)

" I am thankful for Lego and art supplies because that is what I like to do in my free time. I am also thankful for my school and my teachers, I love going to school everyday."

Kaavya C. (Age 7)

"I’m most thankful for toys and ice cream parlors."

Raiha A. (Age 6)

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