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Elementary Children Learn Indigenous History Via a Hudson River Ship Captain

Our elementary students learn invaluable lessons (virtually) from Captain Nick Rogers aboard the Clearwater Sloop, one of the first vessels in the United States to conduct science-based environmental education aboard a sailing ship. The Hudson River Clearwater Sloop is an environmental advocacy group promoting the protection of American waterways. Captain Nick specifically discussed the Hudson River estuary system and its ecosystem.

Captain Nick shared historical information about the Hudson River, including the indigenous people that inhabited its banks. Students learned more about the sovereignty of the land and how tribes shared lands and developed treaties.

The students explored the concept of “One Bowl, One Spoon,” a reference to an agreement developed by the Americas’ indigenous peoples about sharing hunting territory among the tribes. People are all eating out of “one dish” or region, and “one spoon” signifies that people sharing the area should limit the game they take to leave enough for others and allow the land to replenish itself naturally.

Hudson Montessori School selects a school-wide theme each year studied by all classes, from 3-year-olds through sixth graders. This year, the concept “Who Came First?” allows each class to delve into indigenous people’s history and culture from many regions across the globe.

Theme-based learning is a content-rich, immersive way to teach math, grammar, creative writing, geography, cultural studies, science, and more. When traditional subjects adopt a common theme, it sparks an intense interest in students, making the content more memorable.

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