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Elementary Students Meet with Former Astronaut and Pfizer Scientists

Hudson Montessori School infuses our curriculum with science and technology to create independent thinkers who apply their knowledge to real-life settings. One way we provide these real-life settings is by inviting an array of STEM-related professionals to meet our students and give presentations on their careers.

Our students “zoomed” with former astronaut and electrical engineer Joan Higginbotham to celebrate "Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day." Higginbotham spoke of her time as a Shuttle Discovery Mission member to the International Space Station and shared exciting facts about space exploration. Students heard stories about the tiny rooms the astronauts sleep in aboard the International Space Station and learned that a space rover vehicle is as large as a car!

The elementary students also virtually met Pfizer scientists Allan Reyes and Alexandra Srnka through the New York Academy of Sciences’ Chat with a Scientist event. Reyes and Srnka discussed their paths to careers in science and explained their roles in the world of pharmaceutical development. They highlighted breakthroughs in medications aimed to treat diseases like diabetes, obesity, schizophrenia and more.

To learn more about our unique theme-based learning approach, the Montessori philosophy and methodology, or how Hudson Montessori School fosters the love of learning for children age 2 to sixth grade, sign up for an open house tour most Tuesdays at 9 a.m.

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