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Everything You Need to Know About Primary Summer Camp (Age 3 to Kindergarten)

Updated: May 28, 2021

Hudson Montessori School offers three summer camp options based on age-level, from age 2 to 6th grade. Here’s some more information about the Primary camp for children ages 3 to kindergarten.

The Primary summer camp curriculum follows Hudson Montessori’s theme-based learning approach to motivate and engage children in understanding a range of weekly themes from the depths of ocean discovery to the heights of gravity-defying aircrafts like airplanes. This summer’s primary camp theme is “Earth’s Elements.”

Every week, your camper will enjoy daily circle time, music and dance, yoga, snack time, outdoor and sprinkler play, and more. Half, full, and extended day options are available to suit your family’s needs. This summer, choose from one, two, or all three options:

By Sea (June 21 through July 9)

Pack your sea legs and treasure map as we explore the wonders of the ocean! Your child will learn about an array of sea creatures and their habitats, ocean geography, and the many resources that come from the deep.

By Land (July 12 through July 30)

Several types of terrain cover our world, each a biome is filled with opportunities for discovery. With explorer’s journals in hand, campers will hike through mountains, trek through deserts, and venture deep into forests to learn what makes each unique.

By Air (August 2 through August 13)

Your tiny tinkerer’s imagination will soar to new heights as we spend the week studying devices that fly through the air. Campers will learn about kites, balloons, blimps, airplanes, and drones, and make their own airborne prototypes!

We will continue the COVID-19 procedures that have kept our staff and students safe through the 2020-2021 school year. All campers will be masked, socially distanced, and following the CDC’s current COVID-19 guidelines.

To learn more or sign-up for Hudson Montessori School’s summer camp, its cost, or our COVID safety policy, please visit our summer camp program page or contact our administrative office.

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