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Hudson Montessori School STEAM Staff Present at Elementary STEM Con

STEAM teachers Dr. Grace Sanvictores and Ms. Michelle Velho join leading elementary STEM educators from across the country to present at the 2022 Elementary STEM Conference.

Dr. Grace and Ms. Michelle will be presenting on sustainable development goals and data literacy education. In 2019, Hudson Montessori School became the first STEM-accredited elementary school in New Jersey. Our program and our teachers are also accredited by the National Institute for STEM Education. Hudson Montessori School recognizes the critical role the STEAM program plays in preparing our students to be innovators and critical thinkers as we advance into the 21st century.

“Congratulations to Ms. Michelle and Dr. Grace for their much deserved recognition for the exciting work they do both for our school and students around the globe,” said Gracy Jolly, Founding Director of Hudson Montessori School. “The mission of our school has been to create independent thinkers who apply their knowledge to real-life settings and grow into responsible, compassionate citizens of the world. Ms. Michelle and Dr. Grace have been with our school since we started. We are excited to bring their expertise to our Middle School opening this September.”

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