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Twelve Students from Hudson Montessori School will Receive Awards at the 2024 Hudson County STEM Showcase Awards Ceremony

Updated: Apr 8

We are so excited and proud to announce that 12 of our Upper Elementary and Middle School students will be awarded at the Hudson County STEM Showcase Awards Ceremony on Monday, March 25th. These students developed amazing experiments and presentations on everything from “Optimizing Artificial Tissue Generation” to “Exploring the Impact of Combined Sewer Overflows on the Hudson River.” This accomplishment is, in part, due to their amazing STEAM curriculum and teachers because they are given the time and opportunity to take something they are learning about and delve deeply into ways of applying their knowledge. 



  • Avi: Optimizing Artificial Tissue Generation Through Real Time Monitoring and Correction of pH of Culture Media


  • Aditya: An Effective Way to Use Essential Oils as Antibiofilming Strategies

  • Jackson and Michael: Exploring the Impact of Combined Sewer Overflows on the Hudson River

  • Mia and Rea: Board Games and Mental Wellness (Different Ways That People Feel Based on Interactive Board Games)

  • Seher: Taking Control - Social Emotional Learning and Mental Awareness in Schools


  • Afsheen: SafeHands: Empowering Dementia Patients

  • Alexandra: The Effects of Floating Wetlands on Water Quality

  • Caeden and Zoe: Exploring the Impact of Greenhouse Structures on Climate and Agriculture

The skills for these projects that tackle real-world issues are taught at each grade level—beginning as early as Kindergarten—through our curriculum infused with science, technology, engineering, art, and math. To learn more about our accredited STEAM program, our theme-based learning approach, or how we foster a love of learning in children aged 2 to eighth Grade, the school welcomes parents to learn more at our upcoming open houses.

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