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Look Around and See the Possibilities: Hudson Montessori School’s 2021 Maker Faire Kickoff

Makers in Kindergarten through Upper Elementary “zoomed” in from cozy living rooms, quaint home offices, and rainbow bedrooms to attend Hudson Montessori School’s 2021 Maker Faire kickoff event on Saturday morning.

Attendees were greeted with upbeat Kidz Bop music and a dance along video. They grooved and chatted excitedly while the last of the students trickled into the call.

After a story read aloud and a breakout brainstorming session, it was time to make. The children were given 10 minutes to hunt for paper, scissors, rocks, and art supplies.

Each child’s Zoom window was a flurry as soon as the timer started. Unicorn shirts, tutus, and patterned bowties flashed off screen to collect items and bring their big ideas into reality.

After 30 minutes of quiet creation, the teachers opened the floor for student presentations. Virtual hands went up quickly with many students eager to share.

One student created a large cardboard yoga studio with windows, yoga mats, and a welcome mat inside the front door. Another created an action movie setup with paper doll characters and various backgrounds, complete with an epic battle scene in space.

The virtual Maker Faire kickoff event was flooded with paper airplanes, origami creations, paper chains, dragon art, spirographs, and a paper flower crown with secret drawings in UV ink.

Hudson Montessori School is challenging its Lower and Upper Elementary students to see the possibilities to create that exist all around them throughout the month February during multiple Maker Faire events. These students will have an opportunity to submit recordings of themselves presenting their projects on their classroom pages. They can also present live during Maker Monday assemblies, in Virtual Maker Rooms, and at two Friday evening events (Feb. 12 and 26 from 6 to 7 p.m.).

The Hudson Montessori School Maker Faire is an annual event that showcases the school’s STEAM program. Students are challenged to create and present projects focused on art, robotics and coding, science, and engineering. While Maker Faires take place across the country, Hudson Montessori School is proud to offer the only School Maker Faire in all of New Jersey. The typical one day, public event is replaced this year with multiple private virtual events throughout the month of February, all culminating with celebration of Engineering Week 2021.

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