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Session Three of Summer Camp Kicks Off With New Themes, Trips, and More

Last week brought three new summer camp themes! Toddler campers are learning about the human body and how each system works to help us live. Primary students are climbing the food chain during Predator or Prey camp. Elementary continues their innovation explorations with Self Innovation camp that teaches ways for campers to grow in life skills and self-assurance.

Toddlers and Bridge Primary Camp (2s and 3s)

Our toddler campers discover how our incredible bodies function and accomplish many tasks. They will unlock many new and fun discoveries about the world using their senses. Exciting arts and crafts, outdoor play, and more and crafts projects await our campers as they use their remarkable bodies to do the things they love!

Primary Camp (3s, 4s, 5s)

This session, our Primary campers learned more about the circle of life and the concept of "eat or be eaten.” Our teachers discussed the significance of every animal's diet and how it impacts our food chain. This week, students dove into this captivating realm and discussed how animals have adapted and thrived by skillfully navigating the dynamics of predators and prey.

Elementary Camp (Elementary-age)

Elementary campers are discovering how self-confidence opens many doors in every aspect of their lives. Students present creations they make in camp during our Maker Speaker Series.

To learn more about Hudson Montessori School's summer camp activities, tuition, and fees or our interdisciplinary, theme-based learning approach to education, please visit our summer camp program page or contact our administrative office. Half-day, full, and extended-day options are available to suit your family's needs.

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