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Student Diplomats Suggest Solutions for a Better World

The 2021 MMUN Draws to a Close

Young voices rang out singing about their vision for a better global future during this week’s 2021 Montessori Model United Nations closing ceremony. They sang of a world where each person made living wages, were safe from war and violence, and true justice was a reality. Each year, the Montessori Model United Nations teaches our students the importance of compromise and cooperation and the global benefits of diplomacy.

Seven committees, each with 20 student delegates from New York, New Jersey, Italy, China, and Peru, produced resolutions to solve weighty world issues.

Students celebrated the closing ceremony with a concert, dancing, and keynote speeches. Performer and Emmy nominated artist, Alexander Star, collaborated with five students, including two from Hudson Montessori School, Aadya M. and Gabrielle S. They composed and recorded an original song based on the Sustainable Development Goal “Decent Work and Economic Growth” which debuted at the closing ceremony.

Each speaker congratulated delegates for digging in, dreaming of a better world, and brainstorming real-world solutions.

For example, the Economic and Social Council, one of the Montessori Model United Nations’ seven committees, addressed water sanitation practices. They discussed and evaluated the many reasons that groundwater is polluted and unsafe for people around the globe. They proposed methods to filter groundwater, clean polluted water, and reviewed seawater desalination in their resolution.

Each delegate gave a speech addressing a topic of discussion. Kaelyn S., a 4th grader from our school representing Comoros, a small island nation in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Africa, gave a moving speech addressing the dire need for widened access to clean and safe water.

“Every 15 seconds, a child dies due to waterborne illness. That is four children every minute.

Comoros has polluted groundwater and surface water. Some of the water available is polluted because of the volcano Karthala. The government of Comoros, along with the United Nations Development Program, is working on water management to make sure that the farmers and children of Comoros have fresh water.

Comoros has currently been rainwater harvesting and encourages other people around the world to do the same. Educating people to use water carefully and not dispose of chemicals and other garbage will also help. The delegation of Comoros calls on other nations to continue to work together and provide clean water to all. Thank you for your time and attention.”

The resolutions produced by the seven committees will be presented to the President of the United Nations and will be available online for public viewing next week.

The resolutions are also presented to the entire Montessori Model United Nations during the closing ceremony. Three delegates are selected by their committee for the Closing Bureau which has the honor of presenting the resolution to the entire MMUN. The Montessori Model United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime chose two Hudson Montessori School students, Arushi S. and Seher K.

At the end of the closing ceremony, all of the delegates were left with one question: “Now that you know that people around the world are listening, what will you do with your voice?”

To learn more about enrichment programs like the Montessori Model United Nations, our Upper and Lower Elementary classes, or the array of other programs Hudson Montessori School offers for students ages 2 to 6th grade, sign up for an open house tour.

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