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Students Give Dazzling Year End Performance Celebrating the ways "Nature Inspires"

The 2022 Year End Celebration: “Nature Inspires” premiers Saturday, June 4! Students, their immediate families, and staff will gather to see choreographed dances, beautiful songs, and magnificent student artwork inspired by our year-long learning theme: The Power of Nature.

Our students, staff, and families will experience the children’s astounding work from the school year and witness how diligently the children have prepared for the entertainment portion of the program. This year’s event is open to students and their immediate families only in adherence to our school’s pandemic safety policies.

We will unveil each of our classroom’s collaborative art auction pieces at the event for our virtual silent auction. Bidding starts at the Year End Celebration show and continues until the final week of school. The artwork was created by the entire class and are the ultimate memento, commemorating that classroom’s fantastic year. Art auction proceeds will benefit school enhancements, like technology, the gym program, and woodworking equipment.

One facet that makes Hudson Montessori School unique is our year-long study based on an annual theme. A global theme excites, motivates, and engages all our children in learning across the curriculum and throughout the school. This year-long study culminates with the school's annual Social Studies Fair where their work is on display in May and is punctuated with performances by all students (age 3 and up) at the Year End Celebration.

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