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Students Prepare Dazzling Creations for 2023 Art Show

Since starting school in September, our students have been hard at work honing their creative skills and learning to express their world through art. On Friday, March 17, we will display work from each child—toddlers through Middle School—in a curated exhibition designed and developed by our art teacher Ms. Nicole Rivera. It is hosted by the school and the parents of the Hudson Montessori Volunteers.

Parents are invited to a complimentary wine and cheese reception while they explore the exhibition. Each age group, from Toddlers to Middle School, tells a story through spectacular works of art that must be seen in person to be fully appreciated. Here’s a rundown of what to expect from each age group:


Our youngest artists have been busy working very hard, making works that reflect their growing knowledge of artists and the building blocks of art.


Primary students—most aged 3 to 5— have created unique artworks with their classroom teacher as their guide. Their little hands create the purest work; these pieces are no exception.


Kindergarten students have engaged in weeks of deep exploration of materials and art-making through “process art” posters. Our Kinder students have developed beautiful textured, colorful wonders to show.

Our children from 1st grade to Middle School have each developed self-portraits inspired by the masters—Picasso, Monet, Butler, Kahlo, and van Gogh. These works are museum-worthy, and we marvel at their creativity.

Our parent challenge is on! Parents, see if you can pick out your children without looking at the names!

Lower Elementary

All Lower Elementary students have been working on self-portraits inspired by the styles of Pablo Picasso, Monet, and Bisa Butler.

Upper Elementary

Upper Elementary has developed Frida Kahlo-inspired self-portraits. The growth in their skill is soul-warming. Their hard work shows in these mixed-media layered pieces.

Middle School

On theme with famous portraiture, we have created “Middle School Masterpieces,” making self-portraits in the style of Vincent VanGogh.

The school’s STEAM program is nationally-certified by the National Institute for STEM Education. Art is a significant component that makes our school a “STEAM” school, not only STEM. By being able to think creatively, our students can merge design and graphical thinking seamlessly within their STEM studies.

Hudson Montessori School's uses an interdisciplinary, theme-based learning approach to education, fostering the love for learning by using the Montessori philosophy and methodology. Our school serves children aged 2 to eighth grade, contact us to learn more about us and our admissions process.

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