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The 2021 Year End Celebration Premiered Today!

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

The 2021 Year End Celebration: “Keepers of the Earth” premiered today! All of the school’s students, teachers, staff, and families “zoomed in” via a private link at 11 a.m. to watch an hour of colorful dances, beautiful songs, and breathtaking artwork created by all of our students.

Hudson Montessori School selects a global theme each school year to excite and engage our students in each classroom. This year, each class selected an Indigenous culture to learn about its impact on our world—from the Amazon to Tibet, the Arctic Circle to Aboriginal Australia, and Nova Scotia to Africa; the students uncovered our Indigenous past from nearly every continent.

This year’s celebration highlighted the ways the world’s first peoples stewarded the air, land, and water. The program incorporates our predecessor’s important messages about protecting our earth for the next generations.

While our Year End Celebration is typically open to students, families, and friends as a large stage production usually with an attendance of more than 600 people, this year’s event was held virtually to maintain our school’s pandemic safety policies. Our students, staff, and families could still experience the children’s astounding work from the school year and witness how diligently (and adorably) the children prepared for the entertainment portion of the program.

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