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Learning From Our Children: Toddlers Show Us How Easy It Is to Wear Masks

If there is one thing that COVID-19 has taught us, it’s the importance of flexibility. Change is hard—but it is often harder for adults. Children’s bodies are growing. Their minds and emotions are expanding. Our little ones are able to accept change more easily. Perhaps one of the most inspiring and encouraging lessons adults can learn from our children is how to live in the present.

If you peered into a window at Hudson Montessori School you would find that the children have risen to the CDC safety guidelines without hesitation. While our school goes through sixth grade, let’s take a closer look at our toddler group of 2-year-olds as our beautiful example.

Before school started, many parents expressed concerns that mask-wearing would never work. Some would even say, “There is no way my 2-year-old can do that.” But, the beauty of Montessori is how we approach learning and explain to our children why we do things.

After the first few days of teaching our children about mask-wearing, proper hand-washing, social distancing and new sanitation procedures, our students comfortably adjusted to our classroom rules. The children are not angry about wearing a mask. They encourage their friends to keep their masks on properly and not let them fall below their nose. They do not get upset by sitting at desks 6 feet away from their friends. Instead, our students are shown how to do air hugs, air high-fives and play safe games outside during open playtime with friends.

Our small, in-person class of toddlers play, sing and create every day. You can hear laughter ring throughout the room as children use Montessori materials to learn important fundamental concepts, the sounds that letters make, or even about life on a farm. As their young brains absorb this information, the children also make invaluable social connections with their teachers and other students.

Some things have changed due to COVID-19, but not everything. The Montessori curriculum has remained exactly the same: the children still use the finely constructed wood cylinders and counting beads that Montessori is known for. The difference is our strict sanitization routine between uses. Children as young as age 2 now know the rules and gladly follow along.

As parents, we are often the ones who lament over the changes we have all made to keep ourselves and others safe. Meanwhile, our little humans have become our best role models: always looking ahead to the promise tomorrow brings. We welcome parents to embrace “the new normal” with us. We do not want you to miss out on the amazing strides your children can make as they thrive, learn and grow—all as safe as can be—in school with their teachers and friends.

If your child cannot physically come in-person for whatever reason, Hudson Montessori School is proud to offer a parallel remote learning program for children ages 4 through sixth grade. For children aged 2 to 3, we offer a virtual Parent and Me classes in the afternoons.

Schedule a school tour to learn more about Hudson Montessori School.

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