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Two Days Until the Debut of Our Museum of Wonders

In two days, Hudson Montessori School unveils its museum of wonders. Much like nature has taught us about the enormous transition of a caterpillar into a butterfly, our school will emerge this Saturday as 13-gallery museum featuring the Power of Nature as its theme. The transformation has been ongoing—starting slowly from the beginning of the school year with the momentum picking up in the last two months with each classroom's metamorphosis into a museum gallery.

Usually, this big event is open to the community, but since the pandemic persists, the school will only open the event to its Hudson Montessori families. The school is thrilled to highlight all of the hard work of the students and teachers. The museum-quality displays feature what the students have learned all year long. The students look forward to show their work to their families and visiting students from all the other classrooms.

The galleries include:

  • Biomimicry (Upper Elementary)

  • Land (Lower Elementary)

  • Air (Lower Elementary)

  • Water (Primary)

  • Butterflies (Primary)

  • Seasonal Change: (Primary)

  • Inventions Inspired by Nature (Primary)

  • Architecture (Primary)

  • Ocean Inspiration (Primary)

  • Birds (Primary)

  • Bees (Bridge Primary)

  • Our World (Toddler)

  • Multipurpose Room: Art and STEAM Showcase (K-6)

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