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Toddler Bridge-Primary Camp

Toddler Camp: Discovering our World

Our Toddler summer camp is open to children 2 and 2 1/2 years old.

The Hudson Montessori Summer Camp will be a time of fun and discovery for your little ones. We will engage your child in many hands-on activities and exploration. In the beginning of our summer, our children will dive deep into the mysteries of the sea and discover its creatures. They will identify how water makes up most of our world and compare it with our world and compare it with land. The second session will introduce them to the various types of transportation we use today. They will end their summer program learning all about their body.

Math, Language, Sensorial, and Practical Life will be routinely incorporated into the daily activities and the children will get an introduction to Montessori materials in the classroom. A good part of each day will be spend outdoors, engaged in creative activities, and playing sports.


Gymnastics lessons, music and movement, cooking, yoga, Spanish, water play, and various exercises around our school campus will make this a memorable and exciting summer for your child. 

Each of our campers enjoy outside play, snack time, circle/activity time, specials, gardening, and more. Weather permitting, there is water play each day.

Specials include:

  • Music and Movement

  • Cooking

  • Yoga

  • Spanish

Early drop off is available for the Toddler/Bridge Primary Camp. The early drop off period is from 8 to 8:30 a.m. at your child's classroom. The early drop off fee is $100 per session for Sessions 1 & 2 and $65 for Session 3.

Session Information

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