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Maker Faire


The Hudson Montessori School Maker Faire is an annual event that showcases the school’s STEAM program. Students are challenged to create and present projects with a focus on art, robotics and coding, science, or engineering.


While Maker Faires take place across the country, Hudson Montessori School is proud to offer the only School Maker Faire in all of New Jersey.

Members of the community, students, and families alike look forward to the incredible projects on display, from clothing fabrication to video game creation, that students complete throughout the school year.

Maker Faire Details

Hudson Montessori School recognizes the critical role the STEAM program plays in preparing our students to be innovators and critical thinkers as we advance into the 21st century. 

The School Maker Faire is the primary public venue for students to create, present, and collaborate with their community to further causes that impact us all, like sustainability or equality. While not all Maker Faire projects follow such themes, many students draw inspiration from finding a problem and using their unique skillset to build a solution. Past projects have ranged from robot creation from recycled computer parts to evaluating plastic alternatives derived from bananas.


The collaborative and inventive spirit of Maker Faire pairs beautifully with the Montessori Cosmic Curriculum and the "big picture" mindset. Encouraging students to evaluate the world around them and imagine new inventions or solutions allows them to freely explore crucial questions like, "Who am I?" and "Why am I here?" The Maker Faire is one of several platforms for Hudson Montessori School students to invent, present, and collaborate with their peers and community in this way.

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