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Be Our Guest for the 2023 Year End Celebration “A Night on the Town”

Our students invite their families and guests to join us for the 14th Annual Hudson Montessori School Year End Celebration! Hudson Montessori students from Bridge Primary up to Middle School will take to the big stage at New Jersey City University's Margaret Williams Theater to present “A Night on the Town,” a spectacle sure to entice the senses. The audience can expect colorful dances, beautiful songs, and stunning artwork created by all of our students.

Hudson Montessori School’s annual schoolwide theme was trade and ancient trade routes, and the school’s performance marries the theme with an elaborate evening of folly and festivity.

Stunning pieces of artwork will be unveiled and made available for auction. Each class creates the artwork and serves as the ultimate memento, commemorating that classroom's fantastic year. Art auction proceeds benefits all school programs, including technology, the gym program, and the arts.

A facet that makes Hudson Montessori School unique is our year-long study based on an annual theme. A global theme excites, motivates, and engages all our children in learning across the curriculum and throughout the school. This year-long study is showcased at the school's annual Social Studies Fair, where their work is on display in May and is punctuated with performances by all students (age three and up) at the Year End Celebration.

Hudson Montessori School uses an interdisciplinary, theme-based learning approach to education, fostering the love for learning by using the Montessori philosophy and keeping an element of enjoyment and fun in the process. Our school serves children aged 2 to eighth grade. Contact us to learn more about our school programs and our admissions process.

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