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Congratulations, Dr. Grace Sanvictores!

Hudson Montessori School proudly announces that Grace Sanvictores, co-lead of our STEAM Program and science and technology teacher, is now Dr. Grace! Dr. Sanvictores successfully defended her dissertation on the effect of integrating STEM in a curriculum. She has completed the requirements for her doctorate in education from St. Peter’s University. Her successes have benefited our school every step of the way. She helped develop the school’s STEAM Program, and last year, helped us become the first school in New Jersey to achieve national STEM certification.

Dr. Grace teaches science to students from kindergarten to sixth grade. She leads the school’s technology endeavors and coordinates many of our field trips and extracurricular activities.

The Hudson Montessori School community is happy for her and grateful that she is a part of the family. She’s a wonderful role model for all. Congratulations, Dr. Sanvictores!

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