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Elementary Students Record Their First Specimens for Hudson River Eel Project

Last week, our Upper Elementary students found 11 amphipods or small invertebrates that inhabit lakes, rivers, and oceans in the eel habitat they deployed in the Hudson River in March. While the elementary students do not have any glass eels yet, finding any kind of marine life inside the habitat is a good sign that the field methodology they created for this project is working as designed.

The students hope to eventually record and measure juvenile eels—a sign of good health for the Hudson River. The amphipods they discovered were recorded and released back into the Hudson River.

The Hudson River Eel Project is an extension of the annual longitudinal Hudson River study that our school participates in. The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation recently shared their great luck on Endorkill Creek with a fascinating video about their eel mop on their Facebook page:

Once eels enter the mop-like habitat, students will count and weigh each fish and log their migration patterns. The Upper Elementary class continues making weekly eel mop checks at the Hudson River waterfront and hopes to see some juvenile eels soon.

To learn more about Hudson Montessori School’s Upper Elementary, STEAM Program, or other programs we offer to our students ages 2 to 6th grade, sign up for an open house tour.

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