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First Session of Summer Camp Ends on a High Note

Our campers and teachers had a blast for three weeks for Summer Camp Session 1; we begin Session 2 this Monday. Complete with fun themes, outdoor fun, and our school's student-led Montessori learning, session 1 was chock full of happy memories for our campers. Here’s a look back at Session 1 and what to look forward to in Session 2.

Toddler and Bridge Primary Camp: Under the Sea

Our curious toddlers (age 2) embarked on an exciting journey to explore the wonders of the ocean's depths. Teachers introduced campers to the fundamentals of the ocean's geography and discovered that three-fourths of our planet is composed of water. These invaluable lessons came alive as the toddlers joyfully created splish-splash adventures in our outdoor waterplay area, immersing themselves in their classroom beach.

Primary Camp: Up in the Garden and Down in the Dirt

Our Primary campers (ages 3, 4, and 5) delved into the fascinating world of gardening by exploring what happens in the garden above ground and beneath the soil. Students eagerly planted various seeds while discovering what plants need to thrive in our classroom gardens. Each day brought new questions and learning opportunities as they observed the growth and transformation of stems, leaves, flowers, and vegetables.

Primary campers also had a blast with water play, playground time, and developing new friendships throughout the first camp session. Teachers helped hone fine motor skills during practical life activities, arts and crafts, and daily group lessons. Music and movement played an exciting role in our daily routine, enabling children to express themselves while strengthening their gross motor skills.

Elementary Camp: Tech-Inspired Innovations

Our Elementary students dove head first into the world of coding and technology. Through this immersive session, they acquired a deep understanding of how programmers craft code and explored diverse topics like 3D printing, artificial intelligence detection, and beyond. Teachers empowered children to unravel the mysteries and possibilities in this ever-evolving field by venturing into the thrilling world of technology and innovation.

Each Friday featured exciting activities, experiments, and field trips. Students traveled to the Liberty Science Center this session and enjoyed classroom picnics, swimming, and more.

All Three Levels Set to Begin Session 2: July 10-July 28, 2023

Next week, campers and our staff of teachers look forward to the fun and learning to continue.

  • Toddler and Bridge Primary: “Zoom, Zoom, Away We Go” focuses on how we move using transportation on land, in air, and by sea, including trains, planes, cars, boats, bikes, and our feet.

  • Preschool and kindergarteners: The campers will go in-depth into construction with “Build It: Buildings, Bridges, and Tunnels,” using the elements of STEAM—science, technology, engineering, arts, and math—to become young builders.

  • Elementary: Our campers will explore the world of “Eco-Innovation” and discover how they can use their critical thinking skills to contribute to global sustainability.

To learn more about Hudson Montessori School's summer camp activities, tuition and fees, or our interdisciplinary, theme-based learning approach to education, please visit our summer camp program page or contact our administrative office. Half-day, full, and extended-day options are available to suit your family's needs.

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