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Goodbye Winter…Hello Spring!

During Cultural Night, our delegates enjoyed meeting delegates from the Philippines!

At Hudson Montessori School, we stand firm in our commitment to Peace Education and Global Citizenship. Maria Montessori underscored the importance of peace education. This philosophy plays itself out at the Montessori Model United Nations, where the students learn cooperation and the art of compromise.

MMUN allows students to role-play a citizen from a different culture, which gives them a one-on-one perspective and understanding of any injustices suffered by the citizens of that country. This role-playing helps them see how other people endure injustices and what they do to end them. In the MMUN, elementary-age students seek justice from an individual standpoint. They instantly view situations as fair or unfair, not necessarily from a social perspective but from an individual one. 

Montessori Model United Nation Delegates

Taking part in the MMUN engages elementary students in many different ways. The intellectual element, which is so crucial for this age, is present as the students research a country, write an issue paper, and prepare to debate other students on serious global issues. MMUN allows elementary students to explore the real problems of the world and encourages them to discuss and negotiate possible solutions for global issues.

Congratulations to all our delegates! This year, 5 of our HMS students took the podium in the Closing Ceremony! What an honor and privilege to represent their committees and our school! Thank you for encouraging our delegates and helping them achieve the Unites Nation’s 17 Sustainable Developmental Goals. With your support, “they cannot only be advocates for change, but they can be change-makers.”


Stone Soup Presentation

On March 4, Our Hudson Montessori students from toddlers to upper elementary assembled for the Hudson Montessori Volunteers’ performance of the European folktale “Stone Soup.” It was a packed house at Zeppelin Hall for two back-to-back performances. The all-parent cast had a wonderful time at rehearsals and for both performances. The students enjoyed the performance and came together with the cast in song to close the show. 

Thank you to our cast: (back row, right to left) Bindia Shah, Smitha Patil, Michelle Yang, Divya Uppal, Swetha Balasubramanian, Sree Vummidisingh, Sashi Dayanidhi, Deepali Mehandru, Cynthia Bacon; (front row, right to left) Krupa Chhatbar, Jeffrey Salmon, and Sonya Abdul. Special thanks to playwriter Rahul Tiwari for this adaption, Ruth Salas for the set and props, and Mr. Chris for coordinating the Audio/Visual system.


Antibias Education

Our teachers had an amazing In service day last March 6. Britt Hawthorne was our presenter for Anti-Bias Education. Britt Hawthorne is a nationally recognized equity trainer in education. Britt partners with action-orientated educators, creating classroom environments that are inclusive and equitable for all learners. Her work seeks to move justice from being an idea to an authentic culture. “Anti-bias education is a framework to guide inclusive conversations, examine our classrooms, and uplift each learner and their many identities.” 

Our teachers learned so many things about ourselves and new ideas to bring into our classrooms.

Britt Hawthorn, a nationally recognized equity trainer in education.

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