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Happy Lunar New Year! Gong hei fat choy! Gong xi fa cai!

Hudson Montessori School is proud to announce our parents' performance of "The Great Race" for all our students next Friday, February 19, 2021. It's a Chinese folkloric tale about the animals in the Chinese zodiac. This play is completely virtual, being put together with some Zoom magic, cute props, and 15 enthusiastic moms and dads. The performance is closed to the public for children's security reasons.

Hudson Montessori School greatly values its parent's involvement and volunteerism throughout the school year. Our children observe their parents getting involved in our school and being part of a team. When they see their parents take an active role at school, they learn how important their schooling is to the family while learning about the importance of volunteerism. Volunteerism and community service are an integral part of Maria Montessori’s methodology.

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