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Holiday Donation Drive 2020

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

Hudson Montessori School partners with a local organization each holiday season to host a donation drive for those in need. This year the school is partnering with B2B CDC, a local nonprofit group that is coordinating a holiday drive collection for WomenRising. For 115 years, WomenRising, a Jersey City-based organization, has been providing domestic abuse survivors with goods, services and a safe haven for themselves and their children.

The upper elementary students thoughtfully chose this charity. As part of their coursework, the fourth, fifth, and sixth grade students participate in the Model Montessori United Nations. The U.N. has established global sustainable development goals as a "blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all." The students have adopted those goals as their mission as well. By supporting WomenRising, the students are working toward two specific goals: supporting gender equality and promoting good health and well-being.

WomenRising is in great need of new, unopened supplies and toiletries, such as sanitary products, bedding, clothing, games, toys and non-perishable food. The organization is also in need of pro bono work, including accounting, legal and moving services.

Please consider donating to our Facebook fundraiser.

Learn more about the school’s community outreach.

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