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Hudson Montessori School Celebrates Earth Day

Happy Earth Day from Hudson Montessori School! Each class participated in special activities to remind us all to be grateful for the Earth and the beauty of nature.

Our Lower Elementary classes tended to their class gardens. Upper Elementary spent the morning counting shells donated by local restaurants as a part of their ongoing partnership with the Billion Oyster Project to repopulate the Hudson River oyster beds. Some of the local restaurants who have recently given us their spent shells include Bistro LaSource and the Lobster Garage at Lighthorse Tavern. Thank you!

Dedicated parents from our Hudson Montessori Volunteers put on a Zoom production of “The Lorax” for all of our students—toddler through upper elementary—for their annual performance for children. Dr. Seuss' story about protecting nature was chosen specifically for Earth Day and even supports the school's annual theme this year, the Power of Nature!

We are grateful for all the students, teachers, parents, and our local businesses that helped make this year’s Earth Day full of excitement and celebration. When children observe their community getting involved in their school, they learn the importance of the community coming together to care for each other and our planet.

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