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Hudson Montessori School Staff Welcome Students and Families during Meet and Greet Event

Hudson Montessori School has been a flurry of activity this week. We welcomed back our teaching staff in preparation for next Tuesday, September 7th, the start of the 2021-2022 school year. Today, teachers, parents, and children came together in their respective classrooms for a short meet and greet with introductions and orientation information. The social event was an icebreaker for new students and their parents—a fun way to learn more about their new academic home.

During the teacher’s preparatory week, they put the finishing touches on their classrooms, wrapped up planning, and learned more about this year’s school wide theme: the Power of Nature. Our staff experienced a special presentation from a speaker from the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, who inspired our teachers with marvels from nature.

Hudson Montessori School selects a year-long theme annually to excite and engage all of our students in every classroom. This year, students will study the ways nature inspires art, design, and adaptation to the Earth and look at the power that nature has over our lives, the global impacts of climate change, and so much more. The culmination of each classroom’s work will be featured at the annual Social Studies Fair in May where students, families, and members of the public view the impressive student projects in a museum-like setting.

We are excited to begin another year with everyone in person. Our amazing success last year was due to everyone’s cooperation, coordination, and efforts to look at our entire community as family. Welcome home!

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