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Hudson Montessori Students Win Silver and Bronze at STEM Showcase

Hudson Montessori’s Upper Elementary students entered several outstanding projects in the Jersey City Medical Center/RWJBarnabas Health STEM Showcase. Seven students achieved awards on a broad range of ideas to improve our community. Each year, we are reminded how committed our students are to planning, researching, and collaborating to create these incredible submissions.

Winning STEM submissions:

Silver: Aditya Palit (5th grade)—Pedestrian Safety System

Aditya’s goal was to create a low cost but effective solution to curb pedestrian injuries and deaths by making pedestrians more aware before they step into oncoming traffic. The project used a small microprocessor, ultrasonic sensor, buzzer, LCD display, resistors, breadboard, connecting wires, and custom C++ code to create a system that alerted pedestrians and drivers of dangers.

Bronze: Avi Mehandru (5th grade)—Biofuels: From Greenhouse Gasses to Green World

In this experiment, Avi compared fermentation of two different substrates: potatoes and sweet potatoes. The substrates were added to water and yeast. The process was then repeated with sugar. Balloons were used to detect the presence of fermentation. Avi also created, calibrated and implemented an Arduino-based alcohol detector.

Bronze: Sean Kowalski (6th grade)—Lessening Microplastics

Sean explored ways to reduce the amount of harmful microplastics entering the ocean and endangering marine life. He discovered the small fibers shed from clothes in washing machines are major producers of microplastic pollution. Kowalski washed clothes in cold, warm, and hot water and analyzed the amount of fibers shed at each temperature. He discovered that cold water caused clothes to shed the least, making it the most environmentally friendly option. Kowalski plans to 3D print a product prototype for collecting microplastics in the wash to reduce microfiber pollution.

Silver/Collaborative Project: Alexandra Blum and Gabrielle Smart (6th grade)—The Mood Corner

Alexandra and Gabrielle compiled social-emotional data about student emotions during the COVID-19 pandemic, while classes were being taught virtually, compared to the emotions of students today. They found that the most prominent emotions felt by students at the beginning of the pandemic were confusion, loneliness, frustration, and worry. The current emotions were frustration, worry, confusion, happiness, and annoyance. The researchers designed a “mood room” to address these emotions and help students cope.

Bronze/Collaborative Project: Ziva Mezhericher and Mira Strzodka (5th grade) Sleep Study—Are you a Morning Lark or Night Owl?

Ziva and Mira created a survey to better understand the sleep patterns of their community. In their project, they discussed the importance of sleep and the ways sleep impacts our overall health.

We also like to recognize the other five projects presented by our students:

  • Zach Costa (6th grade)—Using Machine Learning to Prevent Motion Sickness

  • Eleanor Tinio and Camille Salas (6th grade)—The Sound of Art

  • Kaelyn Sanvictores (6th grade)— Biodegradable Oyster Bags

  • Krisha Sureka, Jaanvi Chhatbar, and Seher Khetpal (5th grade)—Anti-Cyberbullying Software

  • Anish Dharurkar (6th grade) – Eco-Friendly Packaging

The skills for these amazing projects are taught at each grade level through our curriculum infused with science, technology, engineering, art, and math. To learn more about our accredited STEAM program, our theme based learning approach, or how we foster a love of learning in children age 2 to sixth grade, sign up for virtual school tour or for more details about our Middle School (6th through 8th grades), attend a Middle School Information Session.

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