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Middle School Students Meet with Jersey City Officials to Discuss Community Outreach Plans

Today marks the beginning of our Middle School student’s Innovative Community Outreach Program. The students have spent the first week of school brainstorming ways they can spend the next two years giving back to Jersey City.

Students made suggestions for aiding several causes, including supporting homeless people, providing mental health services for youth, assisting small businesses, and caring for both wild and domestic animals in our area.

With Mayor Fulop’s and Councilman Solomon's help, our Middle Schoolers have reviewed our city’s needs and will choose a project that can successfully impact our neighbors and friends in a positive way.

This project’s outcome will address a community need and allow students the opportunity to see a project go through the process from conception to implementation.

Thank you to Mayor Fulop, Councilman Solomon, and Jersey City for giving our students a seat at the table and involving them in this partnership to serve our community.

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