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“Nature Inspires” Performances Dazzle a Full House at the Year End Celebration

Parents and families were enveloped in a whirlwind of colorful costumes, choreographed dances, and musical performances at the 2022 Year End Celebration. The annual celebration is the culmination of our school’s year-long learning theme. This year, each classroom studied a unique facet of the Power of Nature. Students took to the stage dressed as butterflies, ants, angler fish, and other inspiring animals.

Stunning pieces of nature-inspired artwork were unveiled and made available for auction. The artwork was created by the entire class and serves as the ultimate memento, commemorating that classroom’s fantastic year. Art auction proceeds benefited school enhancements, like technology, the gym program, and woodworking equipment.

One facet that makes Hudson Montessori School unique is our year-long study based on an annual theme. A global theme excites, motivates, and engages all our children in learning across the curriculum and throughout the school. This year-long study is showcased at the school's annual Social Studies Fair where their work is on display in May and is punctuated with performances by all students (age 3 and up) at the Year End Celebration.

All classroom teachers helped our children learn their choreography led by dance teacher, Ms Judith Elins; she is also director of the Jersey City Ballet. We offer special thanks to music teacher Ms. Emma Larsson, and art teacher Ms. Nicole Rivera for all the support they devoted to the year-end activities.

Ms. Nicole worked with all the Primary and Elementary classes to create the art gallery and auction pieces. Ms. Emma orchestrated the musical portion of the show, leading the Elementary Choir. Our biggest heartfelt thanks goes to Dr. Grace Sanvictores, Middle School Director, and Ms. Michelle Velho, STEAM Director, for producing the commencement show.

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