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Safety Matters at Hudson Montessori School

Throughout the pandemic Hudson Montessori School has made the health and safety of our staff, students, and community of utmost concern. By following science, health organizations at every level, and our own health and safety protocols, our school was able to avoid any outbreaks.

Last September we opened our doors to our students for in-person learning and kept our doors open throughout the entire year. We developed a parallel remote learning program alongside our in-person classrooms as we carefully watched the virus trajectory. With a full year of experience behind us, we are prepared to welcome our 2021-2022 students in-person to our school on September 8th.

Our administration remains engaged and up-to-date on the latest safety measures to successfully combat the threat of COVID-19 and its variants. We continue to ask that everyone take all recommended precautions as the Delta variant is very contagious regardless of vaccination status.

According to Gov. Phil Murphy, all New Jersey teachers are required to get a COVID-19 vaccine or get regularly tested. We have asked our current staff to be vaccinated and have required it of any new staff, including contracted teachers and after school care workers. We are happy to report that our current teachers and staff have been vaccinated. We will continue our cleaning protocols and temperature checks, air filtration with HEPA filters, and allow as much fresh air into our spaces as possible.

“Even though as adults we are able and have been vaccinated, our children cannot be, and we want to do everything that we can to keep them well. Mask wearing by teachers and children will once again be required and we will not be allowing adults who are not on staff into the buildings when children are present,” said Gina Reeves, Director, Hudson Montessori School.

We ask that our families continue to partner with us and appreciate your continued cooperation as we move through this pandemic together. As always, our administration is prepared to make any necessary shifts in policy if the situation requires it and keeps our families up to date on any changes. We thank you for your ongoing support.

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