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Students Dazzle Parents with 2023 Art Show

The 2023 Art Show was a smashing success last night, featuring the artwork of every one of our children from age 2 to Middle School. The theme was portraiture, the ultimate art genre spanning the centuries. Art teacher Nicole Rivera, a working artist and our long-time art education specialist with general and special education degrees, curated the event. She is pictured in the first photo of our photo compilation from last night's gallery exhibition.

Bravo to all of our fine artists for their masterful works that they spent months creating. We extend a big round of applause to Ms. Nicole and the parent volunteers who came together to produce the 2023 Art Show for the pleasure of our school community.

As a nationally-certified STEM school, we have added the "A," the "arts," making us a premier STEAM school. To excel in sciences, technology, engineering, and mathematics, students need the artistic and creative component to prototype, design, and fully develop concepts to fruition. We are confident our students have the tools to succeed.

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