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Students Embark on Worldwide Adventure Through Session Two of Summer Camp

This week, we kicked off our second session of summer camp! Session 2 has three weeks of camp packed with exciting activities and enriching lessons for toddlers through elementary schoolers about the wonders of nature. This session is the second of three sessions. Our camp continues now through August 12.

Our Toddler camp is spending the session learning all about transportation. This week, the campers learned about trains, planes, and automobiles. Next week, they’ll learn about boats, bikes, and their feet! Each mode of transportation they learn gives them a new way to explore their neighborhood and beyond. The children are also learning music and movement, cooking, yoga, and Spanish. They are also enjoying outdoor time and waterplay each day.

Primary-Kindergarten camp will discover the many landforms that make up our earth and the environments and challenges for the plants and animals who live there. Students began the art projects they will work on throughout the session between daily sprinkler play, music and movement, yoga, and Spanish. Today, they took their first weekly trip to the Van Vorst Park playground and enjoyed the water sprinklers.

Elementary Maker Camp started camp by laying the groundwork for critical thinking and problem solving skills. Teachers introduced the wonders of nature and how scientists draw inspiration from our world to solve human problems. Campers will spend the remainder of the session looking to plants and animals for ideas and work on new inventions! Between invention sessions, students swim in the pool, play chess, work on art projects, and more.

Hudson Montessori School uses an interdisciplinary, theme-based learning approach throughout the school year that carries over to summer camp. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our administrative office or enroll now.

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