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Students Get Active with Augmented Reality: See How at Our 2023 Social Studies Fair

Our Middle Schoolers recently enjoyed a visit from the founders of CREA Active Gaming Systems, a New York tech company that uses cutting-edge augmented reality technology and

interactive multiplayer games to get students moving while promoting collaborative team building.

Creators Kate Gyllenhaal and Elizabeth Spratt gave a presentation on the system and the technology and gave students the chance to test out the games. At our Social Studies Fair this Saturday, May 6, 2023, we invite members from our community to give the CREA system a test drive while also experiencing 14 classroom galleries full of exhibits, food trucks, and other fun activities for children.

When it comes to emerging technology, students flourish when given new tools to create and invent. Technology is enticing to children, and is a foundational frontier for students learning in today’s world. As part of our comprehensive STEAM curriculum, we show our students how technology is a tool, and how to utilize valuable tools to explore, create, and grow.

Five CREA Games to Get the Heart Pumping and Brain Firing

Here’s a snapshot of what Hudson Montessori students played and how they interacted with the augmented reality technology:

  • Hudson Montessori students played “Burst” and defended their spaceship from impending doom by dissipating incoming asteroids (by throwing bean bags).

  • For their next intergalactic mission, “Mission Jumpatron,” students protected surrounding planets from deadly asteroids by physically jumping to destroy the asteroids careening toward their ship and surrounding planets.

  • The third leg of their journey led them to Mars for “Mission Future Runner,” where they ran through the deserts of the Red Planet on the hunt for crystal samples to return to their home planet. The brave space explorers crossed hazardous bridges, weathered sandstorms, and traversed piles of Martian rocks.

  • Their journey ended with “Mission Vortex” with students jumping in all directions with lateral lunges, hops, and plank jacks to protect supernova stars from being sucked up by a black hole.

To learn more about our accredited STEAM program, our theme-based learning approach, or how we foster a love of learning in children aged 2 to eighth grade, contact us to hear more about our admissions process.

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