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Students Splash into Session Two of Summer Camp

Session 2 of summer camp has kicked off! Session 2 lasts three thrilling weeks, filled with captivating activities and educational lessons for toddlers through elementary schoolers. This session marks the second installment out of three, with our camp running until August 11.

Toddler and Bridge Primary Camp

Our toddlers started learning about trains, planes, automobiles, and the many places they take us! In the weeks ahead, they will discover boats, bikes, and moving on foot! The children are also actively engaging in music and movement, cooking, yoga lessons, daily outdoor activities, and water play.

Primary Camp

Primary campers are creating their own buildings, bridges and tunnels, using a variety of materials. Our teachers are introducing students to new concepts from physics, engineering, art, design and mathematics to help with their creations.

Elementary Camp

Elementary camp is going green during this "Eco-Innovation"-themed session. They are learning how to propagate plants, compost with worms, and imitating nature to innovate. They uncover how wind turbines work, brainstorm ways to upcycle everyday items, and use critical thinking skills to turn ideas into solutions.

Session 3 Coming Soon: July 31-August 11, 2023

A few spots are still available for Session 3 starting July 31. It is chock-full of new and exciting themes. Sign up today!

  • Toddler and Bridge Primary: “My Amazing Body” helps students discover how amazing our bodies are and how our senses help us understand and explore.

  • Preschool and Kindergarteners: Campers will explore the hunters and the hunted during “Catch It–Predator or Prey,” taking a closer look at the food chain.

  • Elementary: Students will grow in confidence and independence during “Self Innovation” camp, teaching campers life skills from public speaking, fostering a growth mindset, sewing, and carpentry.

To learn more about Hudson Montessori School's summer camp activities, tuition and fees, or our interdisciplinary, theme-based learning approach to education, please visit our summer camp program page or contact our administrative office. Half-day, full, and extended-day options are available to suit your family's needs.

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